What Are the Best Programming Languages for Software Development?

When starting your career path in software development, you need to invest your time and energy wisely. In this article, I’m going to show you the top four programming languages to learn in 2019 to get started with software development with or without a college degree.

I have ranked these languages based on three things:

  1. Time. How long does it take an absolute beginner to go from complete zero to getting a well-paying job with or without a college degree?
  2. Job market. How much money you make is very important, that’s why you are here.
  3. Productivity. In software development, productivity refers to how fast you go from the conception of an idea to a complete software ready to be used.

But before you begin to learn such complex programming languages, you must learn the basics, first read the article – How to use weights in function in R. This will give you an idea of what functions are and how to use them.

4. C++

C++ is an efficient and flexible programming language since 1985. It is a powerful development language for both software and game developers.

Have you ever heard about Unity? It is a real-time game development platform used to build high-quality 3D and 2D video games and computer simulations. If you learn C++, it gives you the tools you need to create awesome games.

It takes more time and energy to get started with C++, but once you have the skills, you get an average salary of $115,000 a year.

3. Swift

It is a powerful and intuitive computer programming language. It comes from the C programming languages. If you know C++, you will learn Swift quickly.

It is Apple’s programming language recommended for developing native Mac-OS and IOS applications. Swift’s native apps outperform hybrid apps.

Because it comes from the C programming family, it requires more time and energy to get started but not like C++. Swift is good at both freelancing work, entrepreneurial work, and getting a full-time job. The average salary of a Swift developer is $110,000 per year. 

2. JavaScript

JavaScrip is the most popular programming language. It is the best language when it comes to front-end development. A career in JavaScript will help you build interactive websites.

JavaScript is swiftly expanding into game development and internet of things (IoT). It has a lot of new frameworks and modules coming out often. It is a lot easier to learn than C++ and Swift, but it has so many ways to do the same thing that can confuse you. The average salary of a JavaScript developer is $110,000 per year. 

1. Python

Python is a powerful language that has been growing since its release, and it has no signs of disappearing. Unlike JavaScript, it is a very calm and relaxed development language with no new modules and frameworks coming out often.

Youtube, Instagram, Reddit, Quora, Hipmunk, and Google are all projects of Python. The famous NASA runs in Python.

Data science makes Python more amazing. Amazon and Netflix use data science to recommend you products you never thought you needed. Python is very heavy in data science and machine learning, and that’s why you have the Face ID in your phone recognizing your face. The salary of a Python developer goes from $100,000 to $400,000 a year, depending on your expertise.

The last thing I want you to learn about Python is that it is the fast-growing programming language. According to the Stack Overflow 2018, Python is the most wanted software development language.